Darla – journey to 9

My baby Darlene, now she’s 10 months old. Kind a miss her newborn times already. πŸ₯°

So far, she’s got sick only 1 times because so tired. And 1 more, after vaccination.

A baby girl with fully schedules, joining my work schedules and travel, thanks Jesus for strong baby. i choose to raise her by myself without nanny. Because i don’t want to loose my best memories ever.!

For me, when i hav nanny, i’ll be pushed by situation and you’ll more lack of times with her growth progression.

I better tired and lack of sleep, but i can see all her cuteness and her growth step by step. I wanna be the first to see it, too πŸ‘»


If some peoples arround me talking at my back, either that bad or nice words. I didn’t care either, i have my own way to teach my baby. Teaching doesn’t need to used anger / emotional. Do you know that baby recorded all what she/he see, or hear. So, don’t blam them if your baby do that to you.

I don’t want that happens to Lene. So i teach her with love. Teaching with loves doesn’t mean not teach or not give little punishment when she do NO THINKS. Come on, she’s baby that progressly growing and wanna explore anything and active. So, why should you angry with ?? 🀣


Well, i’m not perfect either. But i do it with all my heart for her. ❀️


So mommies, i believe every mother loves her baby more than anything, and i also perfectly sure that you do it for your baby, doesn’t need to care with peoples surround that pretend to teach you or even blame you. Just use your heart and the way of you thingking, that suite the best for your baby. ❣️




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My blessed baby

This time, i will write in Indonesian language.


Well, karena beberapa message request bahasa indonesia. Jadi full time mommy 24H / 7D


Hidup ini Pilihan , seperti halnya memilih untuk jd full time mommy / pakai sus atau mbak / atau fully work. I choose FULL TIME MOMMY.


Sudah back to work sejak Darlene 2 months, tp ya masih 1 2 kali aja dlm 1 bulan. Tapi sejak Darlene 6 bulan, sudah tottaly back to work. Jadinya ya, can’t describe by words. Tapi.. it’s all worthed for me, daripada aku harus back to work and my baby di handle suster or others yg aku tinggalin waktu brgkt kerja, dan ketemu lg di malam hari. ☺️ (bukan berarti mommy lain yg seperti itu ngga sayang anaknya, karena 1 dan lain hal pasti ada alasan yg membuat mommy MEMILIH cara nya)


Waktu habis = iya

Tenaga terkuras = pastinya

Beberapa kali merasa badan sudah sakit semua = pengen pijet / berendam / spa , tp selalu belum keturutan dan tertunda beberapa waktu (karena cari waktu susah banget ) πŸ˜‚


Thanks GOD , Darlene juga kooperatif banget dalam segala situasi lokasi photoshoot / meeting / nyalon semua aman terkendali without crancky at all. Justru, Darlene lebih suka mengikuti itu semua, daripada just stay at one place (home) and changing song/toys.

Kenapa? Karena dari baby, Darlene suka banget ketemu orang, nyapa, ketawa, say Hi. That’s why, cocok banget ngikut kemana aja 😁 atau itu faktor dibawa paksa dari umur 2 bulan yg konon katanya harus tunggu 3 bulan baru boleh keluar2 dan habis gt jg jangan sering kluyuran (well, i don’t know either) πŸ˜…


Percaya atau tidak, bayi itu belajar cepat sekali dan tidak terbatas. Jangan dikira masih bayi jd tidak perlu diajarin yang biasanya itu anak TK/ SD baru diajarin. Sudah aku buktikan sendiri, kalau Darlene bisa pakai kartu lift sejak usia 7 bulan. Karena aku ajarin Darlene kurang lebih 2 minggu, sambil aktivitas sambil ngajarin. Dan magic, setiap aku bawa kartu itu waktu mau keluar ke lift, pasti diminta, dan dia sudah tau apa yg harus dilakukan begitu masuk lift. Amaze kan? ❣️



9+ #DarleneLorraine

Hi again, mommies.!


Finally i can make time to write my blogπŸ˜‚

Writing this at almost 03.00 a.m , when this is a perfect silent time to write 🀭


Darlene already can do many things on her baby age that makes me proud. (Every mommy will proud of her babies, anyway) 😁


She watch every single activities that i did, super active to knows everything and definitely my 24h bestfriends too.


I can said fairytale stories – because she is a baby and likes to hear stories.

And i can tell her what’s in my mind, and she’s act cutely to cuddle me and listen – just like adult want to cuddle you.!


She can looks at window – open the gordyn .

Tap a lift card – press the UP DOWN button .

Dancing for nice song only, whether it’s beat song or romance song ❣️

Very excited for mineral waters – when she sees the bottle at the grocery / restaurant, she’s super excited only for mineral water 🀣

And many else…

Believe me, baby brains is amazing.! Just teach them with hearts – they learn by listen and seeing you.! Remember to do your daily to be a good frame lessons for them.

Here she is. 9 months – 10 kilos baby girl ☺️

Hav a wonderful nite 🌌

how to be active mom?

This morning i have some super short time as ussual to write this blog, well i currently being tired last month.


because i have to nurse my baby girl, who already 7 kg. can you imagine if i must carry her naturally without any tools that really helps.

gladly, there’s Mooimom – hipseat carrier that’s really fit on for me and my baby. before, i used sling carrier from another brand (but, i didn’t feel comfortable when i weared it).

i used Mooimom hipseat seen last week, and i getting more and more loves this product.

it can be use as hipseat only and it can be use as carrier.

comfortable for me and also my baby, even when she’s fall asleep.

here’s some pictures from my last week activities.


after church and ready to stroll at mall nearby.

comfy to carry her and stroll, also comfy for her to sleep.


buy some stuff for my baby need.

i can do activities as easy as ussual.

Hipseat Carrier @mooimom.id

all pictures and videos credit to daddy @daniel.derian

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she’s my world

4 months and 14 days #DarleneLorraine

my little baby girl that change my life becomes amazing. every non stopable lack of sleep paid of with her single smile.

my daily is her.! i’m full time mom without nanny. i gave breastfeeding and breast milk in a bottle until Darlene about 2 months old. and now she’s routinly drink from bottle only.

She’s my lack of sleep reason for nurse and pumping but it’s also my happy pill with unlimited dose.

Darla’s – mom’s travel companion

Today i wanna share my experience as a traveller mom w/ 3months old baby.

as a mom, there’s a lot of stuff you must bring with you when travelling right ?

and the one that always waste of space is STERILIZER.

mom nowadays, doesn’t need to worried about this part.

just bring Dr. Brown’s microwave steam sterilizer bag with you and it’s only as thin as plastic bag.! so simple.

Sterilizes parts from Dr. Brown’s baby bottles.

  • Quickly sterilizes bottles and parts
  • 20 uses per bag
  • Safe for hospital use
  • Sterilizes bottles, parts and nipples
  • Perfect for pacifiers and training cups too
  • Ideal for travel – just add water

I personaly recommended this product for you, traveller mommies.!
#TryAndFeelTheDifference #trustedbymoms #lovedbybabies

Darla’s – Darlene Lorraine

#13062018 is most memorable moment and the greatest day of my life. when God’s gift born into the world.

that day, i was planned to giv birth labor.! but, after 8 hours of contraction and it’s still 2 only. well, i give up😟. i choose to do SC.
this experience is meaning a lot for me. and only mommies knew how it’s felt, right?!?😌
blink of your eyes, makes mommy heart smile😊

how you react to my voices added more happy feelsπŸ˜€

when you cryin to said you’re hungry, it’s time to be your momma milkπŸΌπŸ˜‚ .
today, you’re 1 month already my baby @darlene.lorraine πŸ˜— each day each minute each second during this 30 days is mommy best experience ever.!!❀ #cannotwaitformore

this video shows everything.!

check this out.

not to forget, big kisses for my hubby @daniel.derian .
and biggest thanks to @aesthetic_gynecology πŸ˜‡
superb video by @babylumiere .
newborn portrait by @siren_photography .

Darla’s – see you real soon, baby D.!

June 12 ‘2018

Today me and my husband goes to mall, groomed our beloved Ashton (fyi : Ashton is our dog) at the pet salon. After it we stroll to food district nearby (open space area). So, we can bring Ashton too. before we back home at 10.00 p.m, i said to Ashton “pray baby D born tonight, OK” 😁

if you hav a dog, and loves it like i did. then, you’ll understand why i’m talked to my dog. 🀣

when home about midnight, and still can’t sleep. i lay down on my bed and scroll my instagram feed. suddenly, the unussual moves came out.

Look at this photos, it’s my tummy hav some “lil mountain” made by baby D. She hold like this quite long. i even can snap it on my story.πŸ˜€

Not too long from that, i hear sound “dough” ( like a goal ball at soccer gameπŸ˜‚) and i got stomach ache attack.

i goes to toilet, do that things:)

before i out, there’s some blood and water suddenly appear ( i said at my heart : the day that i’m waiting for is come.). i quickly tell my husband and ask him to get prepared.

we’re rushed to the hospital at June 13th ‘2018 arround 01.30 a.m.πŸ–€

Darla’s – motherhood start now β™‘

I’m lucky enough to hav you inside my womb. And still being blessed for hav strong physical and strong baby. We did flight 3 times already before 3 months pregnancy. It’s should be less work less flight and more rest. Well, i passed with work hard, as ussual and frequent flight too. Thanks Lord for given me a healthy strong baby in my womb.

Entered 3 months, and i only got some pregnancy sickness 3 days in randomly. And it’s stop, back to normal again. πŸ™‚

My 4th until 7th month, still work hard because all my schedule already settled and i’m still can do it.

I also do styling for Pakuwon Imperial, Sheraton, and Four Point at my 8th months pregnancy. I though it will be my last work during my pregnancy moment.

Here’s some photos for Pakuwon Group by my photography brand at my husband studios. Of course styled by me #snazzywithlilie